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Hot San Francisco Bartender Darin Wesley

bartender darin wesley
bartender darin wesley

Name: Darin Wesley
Bartender Service: San Francisco Bartenders
Area: SOMA

Is bartending your number one priority or is there something else you’re interested in?
“I’m always busy doing something. I am currently in school studying computer science, I play sing and dance, and even act in video and film projects.”

Is there one popular drink that is a go to in the city.?
“I had never tasted Red Bull until I was pouring Red Bull and Vodka all night long at my first bar gig in the city. I thought it was disgusting, but now I am guilty of drinking the stuff too.”

What drink do you hate to make?
“Any drink with a made up name that I have no clue how to make.”

What’s the best part about being a hot bartender?
“I love hooking up with and meeting new people. Finding out how they tick.”

What’s the worst part about being a hot bartender?
“Conversations about my personal life when I am not interested in that person.”

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