Hot Bartender Tina Borelli

Hot Bartender, Cool Drink: Trader Ed’s

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Hot Bartender James Frey
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Hot Bartender, Cool Drink: Trader Ed's-0

In between pouring drinks, she answered 5 questions for us.

What do you wish people knew about bartending?

That we put enough alcohol in your drinks! I understand that other establishments have weaker drink pours, but if you think you need more alcohol in your drink, that’s when I know to cut you off.

Is this your career, or is it just paying the bills?

I just graduated, and I want to do sports broadcasting. This is definitely a great job and great money while I am looking for a job in the field I want.


Bartenders talk to a lot of people every day—tell us about the most bizarre person or experience from work.

Well, there’s always people jumping into the pool here. Also, there’s the body shot girls—girls lay on surf boards and guys do body shots off them. One night, there were 2 girls dancing on top of the bar at 1 am. It was just me, 10 guys, the bouncers… and I turn around and there’s a rear end right in my face!

What one quality separates a regular bartender from an unforgettable one?

It’s all about how to read people. You need to be able to tell in five seconds what people want from you, and whether they’re talkers or they want some space, if they want a beer or if their drink is a little more complicated.

People come to you to let off some steam and relax—what is your favorite spot in town to do the same?

I’m originally from Boston, Brighton-Allston. But when I’m here, I like 586 Main and Embargo.

Scooby and Shaggy got the biscuits—everyone else relied on Tina’s favorite shot to get through the next scary adventure:

Scooby Snack

In a shaker with ice, pour:

1.5 oz Malibu

2 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. Midori

Spritz of whipped cream

Shake and strain into a shot glass and get ready to unmask the next villain.

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