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Hot Bartender Jason Eisner

Hot La Bartender

Hot Bartender Jason Eisner
Hot Bartender Jason Eisner By CAROLINE PARDILLA
Caroline Pardilla/Thrillist

Jason Eisner

Gracias Madre

Because he made pot cocktails a thing! Eisner, who’s no stranger to any “best LA bartender” list, was already known for his buzzworthy creations like the “Up in Smoke” which was smoked in a bong. But this year, the admitted pothead (for medicinal purposes!), determined to make his dream of weed cocktails a reality, skirted California’s marijuana laws by lacing his cocktails, like the Sour T-iesel gin sour and an Old Fashioned, with CBD (cannibidoil), the legal element of cannabis. Unsurprisingly, the herbaceous libations were a hit with curious imbibers and the press.

Source: Thrilllist

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