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Hot Bartender Darwin Manahan

Hot LA Bartender

Hot Bartender Darwin Manahan
Hot Bartender Darwin Manahan

Darwin Manahan


All eyes were on 71Above when it first opened this summer. It’s hard to miss — perched atop Downtown’s US Bank building 71 floors above Downtown LA. But bartender Darwin Manahan, formerly of Cliff’s Edge, put it on the map of must-drink destinations thanks to his LA-inspired bar program. Each drink on the menu brilliantly showcases an LA neighborhood’s personality through ingredients, style, and even glassware. New York has the Manhattan, but thanks to Manahan, we now have the Echo Park mezcal/pisco combo, the Beverly Hills with Sancerre and Saint-Germain, and the tequila-based Malibu cocktail.


Source: Thrillist

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